Sedation Dentistry

We can help patients suffering from mild to severe dental anxiety

Many people suffer from acute dental anxiety. They feel extra nervous about going to the dentist. At Emerald Coast Dentistry, the sedation options we offer allow patients to more comfortably receive treatment to attain healthy, beautiful smiles.

What to Expect?

Sedative-assisted dentistry gives your Southern Okaloosa County dentists, Dr. Erin Sutton and Dr. Thomas Hill, the ability to administer necessary dental treatments to patients suffering from mild to severe dental anxiety. We ensure our patients can make an informed decision about their dental care, which includes educating them about the different types of sedation available.

Types of Sedation

At our Fort Walton Beach dental practice, we account for our patients’ needs before choosing a method of sedation. Our variety of options for increasing your comfort before a procedure include:

Laughing Gas | Also known as nitrous oxide, this is a proven sedation method that is inhaled before receiving treatment. This method heavily relaxes the patient while allowing them to remain conscious and able to respond to our dentists throughout treatment.

Oral Medication | For some patients, Dr. Sutton will prescribe medication to assist in inducing relaxation. This form of sedation can be used alone or in combination with other methods. It is taken an hour before your appointment and is a heavier form of sedation than laughing gas.

Intravenous (IV) Sedation | This method uses benzodiazepines to produce a heavily-sedated effect on the patient. Our anesthesiologist can adjust sedation levels to ensure patients are provided with an adequate level of comfort that allows Dr. Hill or Dr. Sutton to effectively administer treatment.

Plan for your Appointment at Emerald Coast Dentistry

Once a patient schedules an appointment with us for sedation-assisted dental care, Drs. Sutton and Hill will walk patients through preparing for their procedure.

To ensure patient safety before and after their appointment, we ask patients who are to receive sedation-assisted dental service to arrange a ride to and from our office. Remove any jewelry, dentures, contact lenses, or nail polish before inducing sedation. These precautions will help us keep you safe and monitor your vitals.

We also suggest patients wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothes to improve their comfort during treatment.

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If mild or severe dental anxiety is preventing you from necessary treatment, the sedation dental care provided by Dr. Erin Sutton or Dr. Thomas Hill can assist. For more information about our treatment options and to schedule a consultation, call or visit Emerald Family Dentistry in Fort Walton Beach today.