Root Canals | Fort Walton Beach

Here at Emerald Coast Dentistry, we have performed many root canal procedures in order to repair and save a tooth that is severely infected or decayed. When you have critical damage to a tooth, you can always rest assured that our skilled dentists, Drs. Sutton and Hills will do everything in their power to save your natural tooth and keep you comfortable during root canal therapy.

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What is a Root Canal?

When the inner pulp and nerves of a tooth are invaded by decay and bacteria, infection can destroy the tooth to the point that it dies. If this happens, the tooth must be extracted and replaced with a dental restoration.

A root canal is a form of endodontic dentistry that is focused on saving the natural tooth so that it doesn’t need to be removed. Root canal treatment is often recommended after the tooth pulp and nerves become infected or damaged, but before the tooth dies. If the tooth is to be saved, it is important that a root canal is done quickly after decay reaches deep into the tooth, past the outer enamel layer.

To restore the health of the tooth and avoid the need for extraction, our skilled dentists remove the infection and clean out the injured tissues while sanitizing the void that is made. Afterwards, a medicated material is used to fill the hole and a crown (or cap) is placed over the base of the original tooth.

Dental crowns are supportive to the structure of remaining tooth and protect it from further damage. They also look natural and function as the original tooth.The procedure itself has been streamlined in recent years and normally doesn’t take more than one or two visits at most.

With the advent of modern dentistry, root canal treatment can often be accomplished with a minimum of discomfort. And our dentists, along with our entire dental team, always seek to keep your comfortable and provide a pleasant experience.

To learn more about root canal treatment, contact us today at 850-863-1722.